About company

JSC „Elspeda” is the member of the Lithuanian National Road Carriers Association „Linava”. We transport cargoes to/from various European countries (Poland, Hungary, Germany, Spain, France, Netherlands, Belgium) and Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

JSC „Elspeda” was founded in the autumn of 1992. So the company has been successfully working in the field of international transport already for 20 years. During the first year of existence the company has had several trucks with tilt trailers. It transported packaged goods insensitive to temperature. As the customer and market needs have changed over time, our company changed its direction too, and instead of tilt trailers we bought refrigerators. In 2005 we began to carry cargoes requiring temperature regimes, i.e. chocolate and confectionery, juice, strong and soft drinks, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, seedlings and flowers.In 2008 our fleet of vehicles has been supplemented by semi-trailers used to transport animals.

The most modern technology, i.e. navigation and ventilation systems, watering and feeding equipment are installed in these vehicles. All the trailers meet the latest European Union requirements for veterinary. Vehicles for the transport of live animals are driven solely by the specially trained professional drivers: responsible, dutiful and having great working experience.JSC „Elspeda” started its operation on a single truck. The current company fleet of vehicles consists of 80 trucks with trailers. All transported cargoes are insured by CMR insurance. The company employs many drivers with great working experience. We ensure fast and safe transportation of goods from the sender to the consignee.

The company’s mission and purpose is the quality of services provided. We are happy to transport goods safely and quickly, to carry out orders on schedule, to transmit information urgently.